The Pros and Cons of Glass Garage Doors for Your Business

The Pros and Cons of Glass Garage Doors for Your Business

Writing down the pros and cons of a product is a good way to decide if it’s the right one. Businesses are constantly looking for improvements. Is a new garage door the next step for your company?

Glass garage doors are features that receive mixed reviews. They work for both residential and commercial purposes, but are they right for you?

The trick is to decide if the benefits outweigh the negatives. Learn about the pros and cons of glass garage doors for your business.

The Pros of Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors have several advantages. These are the major ones.

Natural Light

Sunlight has an immense effect on people’s mental health. It can change someone’s attitude and brighten their day.

Many garages with no windows at all can feel dreary and depressing. As you search for a solution to brighten up your business, you may consider glass garage doors because they’re dazzling options.

The light effortlessly shines into the garage when you have these doors. They add a luxurious aesthetic that’s pleasing to employees and customers.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Frames

You might assume that glass garage doors are much weaker than their counterparts. This notion is untrue.

Glass garage doors have heavy-duty aluminum frames. The extraordinarily durable structure is unlikely to bend or snap under pressure.

Tempered Glass

When you see glass, you may assume it’s fragile and can shatter from the tiniest collision. However, see-through garage doors use tempered glass to ensure that damage doesn’t happen so easily.

Tempered glass is common in car windows, glass tables, and exterior doors. It’s especially resistant to strong impacts. Therefore, there’s less of a chance it will shatter even when applying force to the material.

The Cons of Glass Garage Doors

Here are the cons of glass garage doors that you should consider.

Less Security

Full-view aluminum garage doors use an inside-slide locking mechanism. The lock falls in alignment with a hole in the track. As the door shuts, the lock bolts in the designated area and keeps the door in place from the inside.

In comparison, other types of garage doors provide even more security features. If your business requires immense security, perhaps this isn’t the garage style for you. The choice is up to you regarding which features are the most important!

A Lack of Energy Efficiency

A con of using glass garage doors for your business is the lack of insulation and energy efficiency they provide. It can become slightly more challenging to maintain a regular temperature within the room.

Other garage doors have insulation in the center or attached to the back of the panel. Glass garage doors don’t include this type of design. If you decide to install this garage door style, remember that you may experience consistent temperature complications on extremely cold and hot days.

Are glass garage doors right for you? Now that you know the pros and cons of glass garage doors for businesses, you can determine this. If you want them, contact the Door & Fence Store today to learn more about how a glass garage door can fit into your building. We have incredible products waiting just for you!

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