The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a New Garage Door

The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a New Garage Door

Many homeowners don’t give much thought to what their garage door looks like until something breaks and it’s time for a replacement. Before purchasing the first most affordable door you see, consider some other factors. Read about the dos and don’ts of choosing a new garage door to find the perfect door for your home.

Do Consider the Weather

Your garage door must be just as sturdy as the rest of your home. Most importantly, it must be able to withstand different types of weather. Strong winds, snow and ice storms, extreme temperatures, and humidity are some examples of elements your home may encounter.

Some regions are more prone to certain types of weather than others. In Iowa, you’ll experience highs and lows—extreme snow and ice storms in the winter and high humidity all summer long. Steel is the best choice for garage doors in this area to withstand fluctuating temperatures throughout the year. It is an excellent choice that won’t rust after heavy rain.

It’s also very difficult to dent steel doors, so they’re ideal for many forms of inclement weather. The natural ability to stand up to various elements while providing energy efficiency makes steel garage doors a durable and dazzling choice.

Don’t Choose a Garage Door You Can’t Easily Maintain

Not everyone has copious time to treat and maintain their garage door. Although it’s not a full-time job, some garage doors are needier than others. For example, you might think wooden garage doors look gorgeous. But these doors require significant maintenance to keep them functioning properly and looking stunning.

Wood isn’t naturally resistant to water. Without a sealant, it is in danger of rotting from snow, rain, and humidity. It’s also essential to apply wood stains or paint once a year to maintain the wood’s shine. If you adore the appearance of wood, you can recreate its natural charm with the sturdiness of low-maintenance steel. Steel won’t dent or perish due to rust easily. All it requires is a quick rinse occasionally to wash off dirt and debris.

Do Remember Insulation

Installing insulation with your new garage door is much easier than incorporating it as an afterthought. When choosing a new garage door, remember to pick out one that includes insulation. The two types of insulation are polyurethane and polystyrene.

Polyurethane is a spray foam material that adheres to the backside of the door panels. Polystyrene is cut into sheets to fit onto each individual panel. Both are very effective materials that will block unwanted air and retain the proper temperature within the garage.

Don’t Choose a Trendy Door That Quickly Loses Its Appeal

Trends come and go. While some may stick around for a decade or so, many trends can lose their charm after a few months or years of popularity.

Garage doors aren’t small trinkets or paint colors you can decorate your house with. They’re great investments that you will utilize for decades. You won’t switch out your garage door every couple of years simply because it’s no longer in style.

Take a deep dive into the garage door trend that you currently enjoy. Search the market for an alternative that isn’t as extravagant and has an classic appeal. Although it’s satisfying to be trendy and stylish, it’s better to pick a door style that’s gorgeous and timeless.

Do Choose a Design That Complements Your Home

Believe it or not, the design of the garage door can truly complete your home. Rather than pick a basic design, examine the features of the exterior.

Do you want to match the garage door color with the entry door? Perhaps there are unique wooden beams or iron components that would pair nicely if incorporated into the new garage door.

Complementing the architecture while matching the exterior’s color scheme will instantly enhance your home’s curb appeal. When you choose a design that’s fitted to the uniqueness of your home, your new garage door will fit flawlessly.

Styles of Doors To Choose From

At the Door and Fence Store, we supply nothing less than the best quality and styles of garage doors to pick from. Three of the most popular options include paneled, contemporary, and carriage garage doors.


Most garage doors in a neighborhood have classic panels to add interest to the door. Timeless paneled garage doors are the ultimate choice for people searching for traditional doors.

The simple design and customizable options allow you to create a cohesive look outside your home. It can complement exteriors with a neutral color scheme or even a classic red brick house!


If you’re still stuck searching for a trendy door, contemporary garage doors include modern designs that won’t lose their allure. The unique placement of the windows paired with steel planks that resemble the natural wood grain is an exquisite design.


Carriage garage doors are incredible for homes with a rustic farmhouse aesthetic. The steel material will look like an organic piece of cedar, walnut, driftwood, or dark oak wood.

The fascination with this style arises from the row of rectangular windows at the top and the row of X’s mimicking a barn door. You can even incorporate iron elements to make it look more like a stable.

Do Call a Professional for Maintenance and Repairs

Conducting garage door repairs on your own can be complicated and dangerous. Rather than put yourself in harm’s way, leave it up to the professionals.

Anytime you have issues with the garage door opener or springs or hear a strange noise, contact a garage door repair company to find the solution. They can safely and effectively return your garage door to excellent condition.

Picking new garage doors in Ames, IA is simple with assistance from the Door and Fence Store. We offer a wide range of options so you can properly accommodate the criteria you require.

Don’t forget that years down the road, when it’s time for a repair, the Door and Fence Store’s team will be ready to help! Give us a call or browse our selection of remarkable garage doors to find an option that meets your desires.

The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a New Garage Door

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