6 Stylish Ways To Update Your Backyard Fence

6 Stylish Ways To Update Your Backyard Fence

Homeowners love to prioritize interior home improvements because they’re easier than outdoor ones. If that sounds like you, there’s a good chance your backyard’s appeal has begun to decline.

As the weather heats up and plants grow in the sunlight, it’s the perfect time to renew your outdated backyard. Get creative with these stylish ways to update your backyard fence!

Plant Flowers or Hedges Beside the Fence

Think about what the front of your house would look like without any landscaping—no concrete blocks and no flowers or hedges to embellish the boxy appearance of the architecture.

Fences can feel one-dimensional at times. They have a similar angular and plain appearance that needs sprucing up!

Choose a blend of seasonal and year-round plants. You want to guarantee the backyard isn’t bare during the winter season when most plants are less likely to thrive.

Always remember to give the plants ample space to grow. When deciding how to arrange the plants, remember to start with smaller plants in the front, medium-size plants in the middle, and the largest or tallest plants closest to the fence. It’s the most appealing layout to draw attention to each plant by the fence.

Construct a Stone Walkway Around the Fence’s Perimeter

A stone and rock walkway can increase interest in the perimeter of the fence. Rather than the base of the fence resting in the grass, there’s a walkway to divide the two.

The first step is to design a pattern for the walkway. Which areas of the yard do you want the path to be in?

Remember that the walkway doesn’t have to extend the entire perimeter of the backyard. If you have plants or seating areas near the fences, you can simply pause the path and start up again where there’s free space along the fence. Or you can create a weaving pattern that loops around the plants to establish a continuous trail.

Once the pattern is in place, you can begin digging up the grass and dirt. Add a gravel base above the dirt to establish a sturdy foundation. From there, it’s time to make the final decision about the design of the path.

Stepping stones are natural features that remind people of gorgeous gardens and waterfalls. The beauty of stepping stones is the freedom of a personalized design. Compact stepping stones will resemble a paved walkway. Spaced-out stones will require fewer stones but more creativity to experiment to discover the best layout.

Another design is stone pavers. The shapes of the stones are rectangular or square. They’re installed close together to resemble a classic walkway. The efficient arrangement of stone pavers creates a timeless design that will upgrade your backyard instantly.

Incorporate a Trellis With Climbing Flowers

If plants are your passion, grow your imagination and incorporate a trellis that rests against the side of the fence and plant flowers at the base. Star jasmine, mandevilla flowers, or honeysuckles are gorgeous climbing flowers that will grow with the trellis.

If you choose star jasmine, you may have to be patient with its growth. However, once the spectacular flower blooms and stretches across the trellis, it will look magnificent.

Mandevilla will last all summer long in full sun paired with some afternoon shade. Those who live in a warmer region will enjoy the beauty of pink, red, or white flowers on tropical vines, even through winter.

Honeysuckles are perennial vines that attract pollinators like hummingbirds! There is an invasive species of honeysuckle. Remember to choose Lonicera sempervivens or Lonicera periclymenum to ensure you have the right type for the region.

Establish a Seating Area With the Fence as the Backdrop

Homeowners love to have a space that’s ready to accommodate guests. Rather than grab lawn chairs from the garage and situate them around a fold-out table, have a designated space prepared that’s luxurious!

Take the existing features of the fence and add a base that complements it. If you have a dark wood fence, add a dark wood deck as the foundation. If you have a white fence, consider a concrete foundation or a reddish-brown, wood-stained deck.

Play around with creativity and make this space truly your own. Choose cushions on the furniture that suit your style. Incorporate lovely potted plants, and add an outdoor rug to bring the space together. This private seating area will feel exclusive and invigorate time spent with family and friends.

Add Privacy Caps or Lattice Tops

Sometimes, the privacy a wooden fence provides doesn’t satisfy homeowners. Although you may have a very tall fence, something is missing.

On top of the pickets, a team of professionals will install privacy caps or lattice tops. Privacy caps are a simple addition installed horizontally across the pickets. Not only is it a protective feature, but it provides incredible interest to the fence’s style.

Lattice tops are a crisscross pattern installed on the top of the fence. They increase the height of the fence, add more privacy to your home, and enhance the appearance of the backyard. The openness of the design allows you to partially see past the fence while making it more challenging for neighbors to see in.

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Our experts have the answers you need! As a homeowner, you want to know everything you can about customizable options available to satisfy your preferences. When privacy is a priority, no question is a bad one.

Get Creative With Lighting Around the Fence

If privacy is a true concern and a fence topper isn’t enough, it’s time to get innovative with some fence lighting! Additional lights can improve security and make you feel safer at home throughout the year.

First, you can install lighting on the top rail of the fence. It will effectively brighten the entire backyard at night, but that’s not all it can do. This method can deter potential threats away from the home because they suddenly become visible. Rather than put your home in jeopardy, the lighting will send them away.

Next, try installing lights on the inside of the fence at the base. Without lighting, pockets of darkness linger in the backyard. When you glance out the back window, you can’t see a single thing. Rather than wonder what’s lingering behind the plants next to the fence, install lights at the base.

Perhaps you want to create a more modern garden design and place solar-powered string lights across the fence pickets. At night, you’ll have a gorgeously illuminated backyard to highlight the stunning decor while safeguarding the house.

Which idea will you implement in your backyard? Take your time and think about how each of these stylish ways to update your backyard fence will make your home feel wonderfully unique.

6 Stylish Ways To Update Your Backyard Fence

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